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Semi Intensive Green Roofs

Semi-Intensive Green Roof - A semi-intensive green roof system is characterized by small herbaceous plants, ground covers, grasses and small shrubs, requiring moderate maintenance and occasional irrigation.  A typical growing medium depth for a semi-intensive green roof is 6 to 12 inches.  This system is able to retain more stormwater than an extensive system and provides the potential to host a richer ecology.  Though higher in maintenance, this green roof system also provides the potential for a formal garden effect.



Examples of Semi-Intensive Green Roofs

Carnegie Mellon Hamerschlag Hall

The semi-intensive green roof at Hamerschlag Hall features a 2.5 inch drainage layer with a 2.5 inch extensive growing medium mix.  The green roof supports over twenty-eight different plant species, ranging from sedums, herbaceous plants, tall grasses, and small shrubs, creating a rich and bio-diverse community for local fauna.  Additionally, wood logs and strategic plant maintenance encourage the establishment of wildlife.  



Philadelphia Public Library

The Philadelphia Public Library features a semi-intensive green roof with an accessible patio open to the public.  The green roof utilizes a granular drainage system and supports a multitude of sedums, herbaceous plants, and ornamental grasses. 




Evansville Public Library, Oaklyn Branch

Beneath its meadow surface this semi-intensive green roof features a 16 inch profile with a 4 inch deep drainage layer.  The green roof creates a park like setting blanketing the library with wild flowers and blending into its natural surroundings.  Not only does the depth of the green roof provide a rich environment for the meadow to flourish but it also insulates the building, significantly keeping it cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.  



Image Courtesy of the Oaklyn Branch Public Library



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