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Form and Function

Consulting, Designing and Installing Green Roofs since 1980

Green Roof Service LLC / Green Roof Technology is the leader in providing integrated architectural design, State-of-the-Art engineering, installation and maintenance solutions of living green on any impervious area throughout the world.

Recognized for advanced green roof solutions, comprehensive green wall systems and smart technology design with living plants for distinctive projects. We collaborate with architecture firmsmanufacturers, conventional roofing contractors, engineers, real estate owners & developers, Nonprofits and facilities managers across the U.S., Canada, Asia, Africa, Central and South America.

We are dedicated to the essential engineering principal of form and function by utilizing common sense.  

Green Roof Service LLC / Green Roof Technology specializes in innovative design, smart engineering and turn-key implementation of ground-remote monolithic vegetation, fully integrated Solar Garden Roofs, Green Infrastructure Master Plans, luxury roof-top gardens, effective bio-filtration, natural swimming pools, green walls and intelligent urban agriculture. 

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Solar Green Roofs -
Take a look at the latest technology:

solar panels on green roofs
"Jorg is by far the most knowledgeable in the industry... I highly recommend him for your work."

Kevin K.
Senior Engineer
Alcoa Technical Center