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Green Tracks

Green Tracks have been used through out Europe as tool that both cleans and beautifies developed areas in addition to providing excellent transportation.  The green space within the tracks reduces the noise of the trains and absorbs stormwater reducing stresses on nearby sewers and streams.  We currently have some experimental green tracks in Baltimore.

Light Rail

Green tracks are most beneficial in highly developed areas.  Here the benefits of sound reduction and stormwater absorption are maximized.  Green tracks are the perfect tool for providing completely clean mass transit.

High Speed Rail

Green tracks can also be used on high speed rails.  Here the green tracks aid in the continuity of the pastoral landscape and sound reduction.  The blanket of green on the tracks also helps reduce the amount of sound created by the train as it speeds along.  In open fields and valleys where there would be little to absorb the noise green tracks can provide a valuable service to the areas inhabitants. 

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