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Finally it is much easier to combine Green Roofs with Solar Panels!

Forget all roof penetrations!

Developed in 2019 this is now the latest innovation of Jorg Breuning. The system is based on a monolithic platform that doesn't add weight but extremely high structural capacity full support against the elements. PV modules have never been that securely mounted on top of a Green Roof. 

The system works with any type of roofing without affecting the integrity or warranties.

The klima roof™ system is engineered to secure photovoltaic panels within the Green Roof system at any desired angle or height above the vegetation.

The PV racking is held in place by a monolithic platform (Patents pending) and the the overlying Green Roof components without any penetration of the roof's waterproof membrane. The open structure of monolithic platform increases rooting space for the plants and can be paired with a Blue Roof for maximizing stormwater retention and stromwater detention. All components are made in America from recycled materials.

See the entire options for klima roof:


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