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Research and Development

2010 Harvard University Graduate School of Design
Aided in the establishment of their green roof research program. This program observes green roofs under high stress situations such as high winds, drought, and shallow growing media levels.

2008 A3C Architecture, Ann Arbor, MI
Aided in the establishment consultation of their green roof research program. This research program compared various green roof types, planting practices, and manufacturer systems.

2007 Bronx Overall Economic Development Corporation (BOEDC), Bronx NY.
Aided in the design and installation of the green roof research boxes for their 2 year research program. These boxes recorded soil and surface temperature as well as rain water absorption for both green roof covered boxes and control or boxes representing normal roofs. This was the first green roof research in America done with FLL approved materials and standardize testing procedures.

2007 BOEDC, Bronx, NY
Green Roof Technology performed one of the largest US monitoring programs covering various types of green roof installations (6 green roofs) over a 2 year period.

2006 Carnegie Mellon University (students program), Pittsburgh, PA
Aided in the establishment of their green roof temperature and run off research program.

2006 Villanova University CEER Building, Villanova PA
Green Roof Technology helped establish their green roof and acted as advisers for their runoff research program.

2003 Swarthmore College, PA
Adviser for green roof temperature research.

2003 Emory Knoll Farms, Inc.
Aided Emory Knoll farms in various green roof plant research and stress tests.

1999 Penn State University, State College, PA
Program guidance and education support for the 1st green roof research program with Dr. David Beattie and Robert Berghage. This program researches green roof temperatures, runoff, and insulation properties.

1993 Optigreen International AG, Germany
Was one of the largest privately financed green roof research projects in the world. Jorg provided suggestions for and monitored the various test programs covered at this facility. At its peak this facility had over 20 roofs ranging from terracotta to intensive green roofs.

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"We sought Mr. Breuning as a lecturer because his company represents one of the most successful, technically advanced, and progressive businesses associated with green roof technology in the USA."

Duncan H.
Program Manager
New York Botanical Garden
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