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Garden Bridges

Green Bridges are more than a just a stormwater management tool.  Green bridges can provide an elegant connection from one green space to another in a city, or they can serve as a safe area for pedestrians and wildlife to cross busy roads.


Pedestrian green bridges are used through out the world as a safe passage over a busy road or highway.  What makes these bridges different from regular pedestrian bridges is the plants on the bridge that transform it into a park like setting.  These bridges can range in appearance from that of a highly manicured patio garden or lawn to a lush meadow path.


Wildlife bridges are an important tool in protecting our wildlife and highways.  Wildlife green bridges are often found near large state parks.  These bridges have been integral in reducing the number of car accidents in those areas and aiding herd migration.


Sometimes green bridges serve as a piece of artwork.  The example to the right does not provide access over a busy road but rather serves as a reminder as to what the environment was like prior to the creation of the city and the natural beauty that lies in the surrounding area.

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