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Green Art

Succulents or green roof plants are booming in popularity for two simple reasons: they are beautiful and nearly indestructible. With succulents or also known as plants with fleshy thick water storage organs there many other things you can do in creative gardening.

Green Art's form is only limited by the imagination of its creator.  There are many pieces of functional art however the pieces show here cross the line of function and are primarily concerned with form and aesthetic.




Modern Green Roof Technology as Art

When a green roof or wall's maintenance out weighs its environmental contributions we classify it strictly as art.  Other examples of green art are topiary, bonsai, and flower arrangements.  Green art is wonderful in terms of inspiring passers by and getting people to think from a different angle.  The creativity expressed through this media is very contagious and greatly enhance the ambiance of a location.



Green art can create a very fun and lively atmosphere.  Many events are hosted alongside green art for this reason.  Some wonderful examples of places containing green art are Longwood Gardens, Versailles, Disney World, Paris's collection of Patrick Blanc vertical gardens.  A great way to see a variety of green art is to attend a flower or garden show.

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