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Bespoke Green Roofs

Bespoke green roofs are characterized by their attention to aesthetic design, custom detailing, and useable spaces.  Whether you live 100 stories above the center of a vast city or wish to transform your row-home’s roof top, bespoke green roofs offer a variety of creative opportunities in any environment.  Bespoke green roofs combine the environmentally friendly attributes of modern green roofing with the appeal of contemporary style. 

For Condominiums:  When designed, an emphasis is placed on a seamless transition from the interior to the exterior by partnering with your interior designer.  One of our favorite
interior designers to work with is Jill Greaves Design.  This high degree of design cooperation enables a homeowner to achieve the fullest experience possible.  Imagine living high above the city enveloped in air purifying plants. 

Bespoke green roofs utilize modern green roof technologies, integrated planter beds, green walls and other state-of-the-art living infrastructure to transform any space into a garden in the sky.  

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"We sought Mr. Breuning as a lecturer because his company represents one of the most successful, technically advanced, and progressive businesses associated with green roof technology in the USA."

Duncan H.
Program Manager
New York Botanical Garden
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