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Natural Swimming Pools

Clean water has always been a precious commodity.  However, when it comes to the purification of it we sometimes sabotage ourselves by using strong chemicals in the process.  Natural pools utilize nature's water purification process to provide clean safe water for swimming.




Eco Pools: A Mini-Ecosystem

Natural swimming pools, sometimes referred to as "eco pools," are a careful orchestration of various plant types that work together to filter the water to pristine levels.  This system is cared for much like a water garden and is great for those with a sensitivity to chlorine.  


Chlorine-free Swimming Pools

These chlorine free pools typically require about the same amount of maintenance time and effort as swimming pools that use chlorine.  However, chlorine-free pools are much better for the environment, and offer none of the side effects typically associated with high levels of chlorine, such as increased risk of asthma or allergies, bladder and rectal cancer, and blonde hair that turns green.   

Please contact Green Roof Service to find out if a natural swimming pool is right for you.



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