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Green Roof Systems

With the German evolution of modern green roof technology in the last 4 decades more and more green roof systems have been developed and existing systems or green roof components have been improved. There are multiple manufactures that offer different green roof solutions for any size of roof. Some systems are better for smaller application other green roof systems are more efficient for large projects. Sometimes a combination of different systems can be the ideal solution in regard of performance, installing costs, maintenance and efficiency.

All green roof systems and green roof design must meet the FLL-Guideline and must last as long as the building where implemented. Traditionally the German manufactures meet these benchmarks. Unfortunately a lot of North American green roof products were originally develop for other purposes (e.g. vertical drainage, erosion control, shipping container etc.) and might cause problem in the years to come. 

An increasing number of newly developed tray or modular green roof systems is getting very popular in countries with less technical and horticultural common sense. They are often sold to installation companies that work without professionals or less skilled labor. It seems like an easy installation but the installation is only a fraction of the entire picture and the history of German trays introduced in 1978 tells a different story. In most cases the performance of pre-planted boxes can't meet our expectations that consider the workflow from manufacturing, shipping, installation to performance and maintenance for the next 30-50 years.

Finding Green Roof Solutions That Work for You

Green roof systems have to be flexible enough to allow a custom tailored solution that exactly fits the clients needs, the clients design intent or given elements set by the building. Green Roof Technology has the largest resource and documentation of any type of green roof project done in the last 35 years. There is no project design or project detail that haven't been done before somewhere else (hard to believe for architects) and exactly this experience we utilize for any new project to deliver a living roof on which plants can simple sustain and thrive with an clearly defined effort.

Green Roof Technology, doesn't reinvent the wheel and we don't over engineer. Keeping all process as efficient as possible is the the goal and our best management practice (BMP). With a dedicated team of experts, Green Roof Technology is equipped to respond to any unique opportunities or challenges of any project. We encourage you to explore this website to learn more about green roof systems or contact us .


Typical Green Roof Components
  • Protection Fabric
  • Retention Fabric
  • Drainage Plates
  • Drainage Mats
  • Drainage Channels
  • Filter Fabric
  • FLL approved growing media


Granular Drainage System

A granular system uses specially engineered light weight drainage media for its lower level drainage layer.  While it may be a little heavier than a drainage board system of an equal depth the advantage of a granular drainage system is all the pore space and surface area of the media.  These tiny pores trap moisture and hold it longer so that the plants can access during droughts.  Also, even though there is no organic matter in this layer all the tiny pores and crevices trick the plants into thinking the soil is deeper encouraging them to send out more roots.

Drainage Board/Plate System

Drainage board, plate, or "egg crate" systems are a wonderful system when you need to maximize stormwater retention yet have as light weight a structure as possible.  The composition of these boards comes in a variety of materials and water holding capacities to meet any number of weight, insulation, and water holding needs.

Anatomy of a Green Roof System


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