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Green Roof Types

Modern Green Roof Technology offers endless varieties of vegetated covers for any impervious surface. Designing and implementing live vegetation requires professional horticultural experience to guarantee a functional system for 50 years or more. Green Roof Technology has the expertise to realize the impossible and the incredible - If you can dream it we can create it and keep in mind: Gardening is the last bastion of the patient, as nature cannot be hurried.

Extensive or Intensive, both types can be created on Sloped Green Roofs and Solar Green Roofs (click on text to learn).


  Extensive Green Roofs
Semi-Intensive Green Roofs
Intensive Green Roofs
Overall Depth
 3 - 5 inches
 5- 7 inches
7 - 24+ inches
Weight max.
15- 25 lbs/ft²
 25- 40 lbs/ft²  35 - 80+ lbs/ft²

Mosses, Sedums, Succulents, Herbs and few Grasses

Selected Perennials, Sedums, ornamental Grasses, Herbs and little Shrubs Perennials, Lawn, Putting green, Shrubs and Trees, rooftop farming
Irrigation  no, not recommended
 partially, as-needed
 yes, automatic/flood
Maintenance  low medium high
Use  Living machine
Diversity, habitat
Garden, Park
Costs low



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"We sought Mr. Breuning as a lecturer because his company represents one of the most successful, technically advanced, and progressive businesses associated with green roof technology in the USA."

Duncan H.
Program Manager
New York Botanical Garden
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