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Liatris cylindraceae

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Also known as the Dwarf Blazing Star, this herbaceous plant will grow to be anywhere from eight to twenty-four inches tall.  The leaves are long and thin; they gradually reduce in size the closer the get to the top of the plant. A handful of spike-like cones then give way to a cluster of showy purple flowers. It blooms regularly from June until September. Bees and butterflies are attracted the the flowers for pollen. It is not uncommon to find rabbits, groundhogs, deer and livestock munching on this perennial. 

The Dwarf Blazing Star is a part of the Aster Family (Asteraceae). It is a relatively low maintenance plant, growing best in hardiness zones four through seven. It enjoys full sun exposure and prefers drier conditions. This makes it tolerant of summer heat and drought events, however is also tolerant of humidity. This plant is native to north eastern and central North America. Found frequently in prairies, this wildflower is most abundant following fire events. 
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