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Sedum floriferum

Green Team at Green Roof Technology, - Thursday, August 22, 2013

Photo Credit: Jörg Breuning

Sedum floriferum is a perennial which serves as a fantastic ground cover. A slightly darker green foliage, the spongy succulent leaves retain water easily, making this sedum drought tolerant. It will grow approximately four to six inches high. Enjoying full sun, this plant will thrive best in hardiness zones three through nine. It will produce bright yellow, star-shaped flowers in late spring or early summer. Little care should be needed for this independent stonecrop. It invites many nectar-attracted species including butterflies and honey bees. This sedum is easily spread by root cuttings.

Eragrostis spectabilis

Green Team at Green Roof Technology, - Thursday, August 08, 2013

Photo Credit: Illinois Wildflowers

A part of the Poaceae family,  this ornamental grass is loved by a variety of bird species. Growing approximately 1-2 feet tall, the Purple Love Grass makes for fantastic ground cover. Blooming July to August, it forms a purplish-red haze if looking from a far. The flowers usually lose color and brown by October, leaving the flat, coarse leaves in a tangled disarray. Enjoying full sun exposure, this native plant is relatively low maintenance. Very drought resistant and accepting of most soil types, it grown best in hardiness zones 5-9. This grass will spread by self-seeding (resembling miniature tumbleweeds) or by stems taking root along the ground at the nodes.Eragrostis spectabilis prefers semi-intensive green roofs and can survive without artificial irrigation.

Photo Credit: Prairie Moon Nursery

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