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Green Roofs and Native Organisms

Friday, May 10, 2013

Green Roofs and Native Organisms


It is all about perspectives, experience and evolution. Any organism has a right to exist.  It is the intention of each organism to multiply, spread and adjust to the surrounding environmental conditions.  This adamant approach has also helped humans to develop and thrive over ten thousands of years.  The word native has become a stereotype of certain organisms like plants that should be growing only in a particular region – that is what humans think.

Exceptions seem only allowed with human approval and when they support human development – this is one reason why nobody has a problem with Gen manipulated corn for “bio fuel”. When our ideal of a functional environment gets out of balance there is always a solution from clever people with a weapon (solution) allegedly reversing the discovered issues. Sometimes an issue has to be created first to offer a solution to gain some popularity and attention. A few of them are even henchmen for big companies that intend to increase sales for an existing product in a new market. The system works in all levels but it is questionable when I see these paramilitary battles on TV commercials against a dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) what is a “native” plant and it is clearly classified as a beneficial weed.

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