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Extensive Green Roofs


Extensive Green Roof - An extensive green roof system is characterized of its vegetation, ranging from sedums to small grasses, herbs and flowering herbaceous plants, which need little maintenance and no permanent irrigation system.  The growing medium depth for an extensive green roof system is typically 6 inches or less.  These systems are ideal for efficient stormwater management with low maintenance needs. Extensive greenroofs are very cost efficient. Please read the case study "The Economics of Green Roofs from the Perspective of the Commercial Client" in our green roof case study section. Extensive green roofs are ideal for integrated PV/Solar systems like the Sun-Root system.

Click here to view a time lapse video of an extensive green roof installation.

Examples of Extensive Green Roofs

Bronx County Courthouse

The Bronx County Courthouse features a 1 inch drainage layer with a 2.5-3 inch deep growing medium profile.  The green roof is composed of a mix of sedums and hardy herbs, with a sweeping crescent of small grasses.  Despite the 10 story elevation and center city location, the green roof has attracted a variety of wildlife over the years.



Swarthmore College David Kemp Hall

The David Kemp Hall at Swarthmore College is a beautiful example of an extensive green roof and is one of the best maintained green roofs in the area.   The green roof features a 1 inch drainage layer and a 3 inch growing media profile.  The roof features a mix of sedum and herbs with a few experimental plants such as a small colony of cacti.




Dansko Headquarters in West Grove, PA compliments its rural setting with an extensive green roof.  The green roof is a basic extensive system featuring a 1 inch drainage layer and 3 inch growing medium profile.  Bright pink dianthus bloom throughout the warmer months and Sedum spurium ‘Fuldaglut’ add bright red contrast during the fall and winter providing year round interest.

Find our sample specification in "The Green Roof Manual: A Professional Guide to Design, Installation, and maintenace by Ed Snodgrass"


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