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Our mission is to provide our clients with trustworthy, world class, information services at an ethical and affordable rate. We believe that green ecologically responsible living should not be a chic luxury affordable only to a few; instead it should be available to all as a vital resource for living healthier and more qualitative lives.


Green Roof Technology is one of the founding fathers of green roofs in the United States and has been building its portfolio in ecological excellence for over 38 years. Green Roof Technology started as Green Roof Service in 1980 at the beginning of the green roof revolution in Germany. In 1999, when the US vegetated structure movement began Jorg Breuning, President of Green Roof Technology, was invited to the US as a consultant for the Chicago City Hall green roof project. Since then Green Roof Technology/Green Roof Service, has been providing the US with unparallelled expertise and service in the vegetated structures and living systems industry. Green Roof Service officially made the change to Green Roof Technology in 2011 to better communicate our expertise and to provide a name that would encompass our future diversification.


City Hall Chicago - Green Roofs Our company currently provides green roof and wall designs plus specifications for a wide variety of projects. The green roofs and walls provide not only aesthetic appeal for the building owner but also provide excellent insulation reducing heating and cooling costs, sound reduction, and extend the life of the roof up to 70 years. From a community standpoint they also filter air pollution, create habitat, mitigate heat island affect and provide a much needed storage source for storm water.


We also specialize in bio-filtration pools which are a specially designed ecosystem that filter pool water to pristine levels without the use of chemicals. Our bio-filtration pools offer a safe alternative to chemically treated water. Another use for this system is a natural runoff treatment system that eliminates the need for an extensive pipe system and sewer connection. We take pride in the quality of our work and design these systems to last well into the future. We also check on past projects to ensure everything is working beyond expectations.


We take our leadership in this industry very seriously and have helped establish organizations such as Green Roofs for Healthy Cities (GRHC) and the current green roof guidelines (ASTM) for the US. Green Roof Technology also promotes the science and practice of these living systems through convention seminars, workshops, and academic lectures. We also offer assistance to academic institutions that are seeking help in establishing or monitoring research related to these living systems.


Our clients range from architects and general contractors to green roof contractors & installers, building owners, organizations, and academic institutions. A majority of our projects have been done on existing buildings however many cities and municipalities in the region are adopting green roofs into their storm water management plan. These storm water management plans require new structures to have green roofs installed or offer incentives for the construction of green roofs. Green roofs can also add up to 14 LEED points to a project making them a critical asset to future construction. Despite the current downturn in the economy the green roof industry continues to grow in leaps and bounds making green roofs a safe investment for the future.

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