Winters slumber has finally ended and things are bursting to life this spring season.  We are off to a terrific season with some very unique projects in the Bronx, Lancaster, and even one in our hometown of Bel Air. The first week of May, Bel Air welcomed its first green roof.  Living in Bel Air we thought it a shame that with all the green roofs we have done worldwide that there were none in Bel Air.  

To remedy the lack of green roof situation, installed and fully funding a green roof on the sloped front portion of our office building.  Cost wasn't a concern in this case because we believe so strongly in what we do and by leading through example it was well worth it even though it is being done on a rental property.  We had hoped to build a car port to put the green roof on, but ran into permitting issues, so for now this will be our gift to Bel Air as an important step towards reaching its future sustainability goals.

Bel Air isn't the only one welcoming a new green roof this May.  The owner of the already high profile ABC Carpet and Home in Manhattan will be jazzing up its Bronx location with a series of green roofs specially designed for the delicate demands of its warehouse location.  This green roof will be open to the public and host a series of experimentation boxes to collect water and temperature data.

Irish eyes are smiling at Tellus 360 as they look forward to their green roof retrofit at the end of this month.
Tellus 360 is an Irish antique and reclaimed wood furniture store nestled in historic Lancaster.  While this roof will also be a lovely place to gather for shoppers and tenants, it is itself a living embodiment of the store owners commitment to taking something that has lived a good life and reshaping it to give it a new one.

We wish everyone a very productive and fruitful spring season.  Best of luck and we will see you again in the




                                       Signs of spring, Allium in bloom                                         Tellus 360's future green roof home    


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