April 18,2012


April 18, 2012

Swarthmore's David Kemp Hall Reaches Tenure

Mulch: Great for the Garden,  Safe for Your Roof?

NYC Botanical Garden: The Orchid and Green Wall Show

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Tenured Green Roofs


By Kat Harrold GRP, Jörg Breuning, Andrew Cole Yanders

Swarthmore's David Kemp Hall Reaches Tenure!
In 2008 when the college needed to add a dormitory to accommodate its growing student body, there were concerns about the increased run off from the new construction. Green roofs offered a solution that minimized the building foot print making construction of the new dorm possible.
Mulch: Great for the Garden, Safe for the Roof?
Mulching season is upon us the air is ripe it's fragrance.  While the good gardener may protect their garden from unwanted weeds with a coat of mulch this can actually kill the functionality of a green roof.

NYC Botanical Garden: The Orchid and Green Wall Show
For those of you looking to escape the cold snap and visit the warm weather again try the NYC Botanical Orchid Show.  Not only will you get your warm weather fix but you will also be privy to an incredible display of living art featuring vertical gardens by french botanist Patrick Blanc.