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Sloped Roofs


Planted sloped or pitched roofs look great and due to their high visibility they have been the focus for several new projects .  In order to achieve lasting success with a sloped extensive green roof there are a few basic things to consider.

Sloped roofs retain less water in general and the moisture content varies from the ridge to the eave (lowest edge of the roof).  It is the task of the designer to make adjustments in the green roof system accordingly (e.g. drainage, thickness of growing media plant varieties etc.).  Recent failures of sloped green roofs in the United States showed that many of designers are not aware of this unique situation.  This is most unfortunate and the amazing design that they had in mind rarely develops into a successful and lasting one. 

modern green roof technology
Green Roof Service LLC / Green Roof Technology offers exactly the support and knowledge needed for designers to produce beautiful designs with long lasting results.  We also develop action plans to revitalize failed sloped green roofs.

Typical flat roof:     0-5° roof angle   = Green Roof Systems according FLL without additional support

Normal sloped roof:     5-15° roof angle = Systems with optional support depending on project

Steep sloped roof:     15-45° roof angle = appropriate measures to cope with shear forces and erosion

(Green Wall: over 45° angle)

Options to cope shear forces or erosion:
1.   On the ridge of the roof
2.   In the area of the roof
3.   At the eave of the roof

All solutions must be weather resistant, strain resistant and compression stable. We don’t recommend products that are designed for erosion control on ground based application.


How to calculate te slope?  Conversion Chart 


Typical Details:



Installation Process:


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