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The Modern Rise of Urban Roof Top Gardens

Thanks to the rise in popularity of urban roof gardens or roofscaping, city dwellers and workers no longer have to choose between the convenience of city life and easy access to restorative green environments. Trends in roof garden design run the gamut from decorative to interactive, with designs that provide everything from insulation and stormwater management to a way for urbanites to grow their own food.

The Benefits of Roof Gardens

Both practical and beautiful, roof top gardens offer a great way to enhance your residential or commercial building, providing the perfect escape for employees and residents alike. In fact, roof gardening is an emerging trend among many city dwellers with access to a green roof garden.

More importantly, living roof gardens offer a sustainable way to insulate a building and reduce heating and cooling costs. A roof top garden also cleans and purifies the air to help affect positive climate change within the city environment.

Green Roof Garden Design

There are as many different types of roof top gardens as there are people who use them. A roof garden can be designed for just about any purpose, including:

Finding the Perfect Green Roof Garden Designer

Green Roof Technology has been designing and installing beautiful urban roof gardens throughout the United States since the technology first became available more than 30 years ago. Call or contact the most trusted green roof designer today to speak with our team of experts and to get started designing the perfect green roof garden to meet your needs.

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