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Linaria vulgaris

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Common Toad Flax, Butter and Eggs

By Jorg Breuning

Linaria vulgaris ~ Photo by Jorg Breuning

Linaria vulgaris is listed by the USDA as noxious weed for several western states.  I believe that this plant can be tolerated on un-irrigated green roofs in states where it is not considered noxious.  This plant helps to prevent wind and water erosion on extensive green roofs.  In a green roof environment it’s height is stunted to 1/4 normally sees on ground dwelling plants.  Linaria vulgaris is also a great food source for honey bees and is not considered a noxious weed in states east of the Mississippi River.  

Tell us what your thoughts are on the use of introduced or non-native plants on green roofs.


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