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Hieracium aurantiacum

Thursday, January 03, 2013

By: Samantha Yurek


Also known as the Orange Hawkweed or Devil's Paintbrush, this brightly colored plant is commonly categorized as a weed in many North American countries.  Native to the alpine regions of Europe, these perennials tend to grow extremely close together, forming a dense evergreen mat-like structure and avoiding erosion. Eventually these long flowering plants form a natural weed control blanket by blocking the way for other plants.  They grow fast in soil with low organic matter like Green Roof growing media and have a high tolerance for frost and drought, making them an ideal plant for a green roof.  A summer blooming flower, this plant will sure to add some color to your roof!

Many types of Asteracea like Senecca and Hieracium, are valuable foraging flowers for many native bees like this Megachile species. 


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