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Green Team at Green Roof Technology, - Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Green Roof Service LLC – with more than a quarter century of experience as leaders in the establishment of the green roof industry in German spoken Europe and Great Britain, the principals have actively designed, installed, monitored and perfected their craft. Having been involved with millions of square footage of green roof projects, their understanding of these systems is unsurpassed. As they have no allegiance to any specific product manufacturer, they select the materials and approaches that work best in any given circumstance.

The principals participated in the largest research green roof endeavour ever undertaken (at Optigrün International AG in Germany, begun in 1994/1995, still ongoing) and have access to the resulting data (not fully translated into English) and an intimate knowledge of the “behind the scenes” circumstances that affect data output. Having one of the largest libraries for green roof research and products in the US, they continually update their resources and knowledge of ongoing research and new projects even when they are done by others.

The unmatched experience of the principals, acknowledged by the German FLL e.V. the FBB/EFB (German/ European Green Roof Association) and the German Landscape Association (GALA-BAU e.V) brought them in 1999 to the United States of America. The City of Chicago was the first project in the US which was built according modern Green Roof technology and starting with this project the principals were able to promote, educate and train today’s and nation’s key-player in the green roof industry.

The founders of Green Roof Service LLC understand modern Green Roof technology which is the basis for successful projects. They also understand related roofing details and the execution of highly skilled on-site monitoring which makes the green roof reliable and lasting as long as the building itself.

The experience of 120 Millions square foot of annual new Green Roof construction in Germany, with all ordinary and extra ordinary solutions, with all the competitiveness and all the efficiency is represented by Green Roof Service LLC in the United States of America.

Their extensive background affords them the right to boast the ability to ensure the outcome of each project they tackle.

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