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Green Roof Technology are professional consultants, architects, and engineers who are specialized in the specification and design of any type of living technology especially when in ground remote locations. Green Roof Technology adheres to a strict ethics code that offers unprejudiced service without affiliation with any product or manufacturer. Further more the Principal of Green Roof Service developed multiple green roof systems and advanced technical green roof solution for many system providers and roofing manufacturers in the entire USA and Germany.

Green Roof Technology - Green Roof Service started in 2002 and was the division of Jörg Breuning GmbH Begrünungen, a Germany based green roof installation and green roof engineering firm started in 1985, at the beginning of Germany's green roof revolution.

Since the Chicago City Hall project in 1999, Green Roof Technology/Green Roof Service, has been providing the US with unparalleled expertise and service in any living structures/systems industry. 

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Green Roof Technology is a green technology design company with life plants and also dedicated to the education and practice of green living through vegetated structures on any impervious area.  We know that green roofs, green walls, and bio-filtration pools are the key to a sustainable future and should be affordable to everyone.


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