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Spring Green Instance Edition


Spring-Summer of Green Instance is available for download and in flip book version! 

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The Beauty of Form and Function

Spring is here and this time of year is always an especially good time to celebrate the incredible wonders of nature’s design.  We spend the best part of our lives trying to harness nature’s beauty and utilize its nourishing potential to better our built environments.  Our commitment to living infrastructure drives us to continue encouraging all architects, developers, city officials, and all alike to continue integrating living systems into their designs.  The most beautiful designs in our built environments originate from that sweet spot where form and function meet seamlessly.  In the world of living infrastructure, the beauty of form and function resides in the systems that best mimic natural ecosystems while carrying out their intended purpose effectively and efficiently.

In our second edition of Green Instance, we highlight products, projects, and methodologies that exemplify this philosophy.  We believe the future of living infrastructure resides in its ability to be seamlessly integrated with existing technologies.  The combination of solar photovoltaic elements and modern green roof technology is one such opportunity.  The ‘Sun-Root’ Living Roof System harnesses these principals and is the newest green roof technology to reach the American shores.

Over the last five years, Green Roof Technology has had the pleasure working with Celebrity Cruises to develop and install their award winning Lawn Clubs.  These ground-remote natural turf lawns are one-of-a-kind and have forever transformed the landscape of seafaring habitation. 

Green roofs are our passion, and no issue of Green Instance will pass without a highlight of one of our favorite projects and a word of wisdom about their application.  

Once again thank you for your support and we look forward to continuing our conversation.






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