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Green Power for New York City


Big things happening in New York!

The first Green Roof & Solar Panel Installation by Green Roof Technology is now powered-up.

A few weeks ago Green Roof Technology announced the installation of the first non-roof-penetrative PV-Green Roof combination of its kind in Northern America. The Sun-Root system - promoted by Green Roof Technology - is the most advanced system solution that considers enhanced water storage for the plants and optimized evaporative cooling for solar panels at the same time. This green system is truly unparalleled.

Learn more about this amazing system by clicking here.  (YouTube Video) Click on the picture for more information on our webpage

Sun-Root Green Roof and Solar

The project is accessible. Please contact

Green Roof & Solar Panel Installation in NYC   NYC Buildings

The NYC Department of Buildings answers questions about the application process and requirements- or contact us


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"We sought Mr. Breuning as a lecturer because his company represents one of the most successful, technically advanced, and progressive businesses associated with green roof technology in the USA."

Duncan H.
Program Manager
New York Botanical Garden
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