February 14, 2012

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Budget Cuts
Sun-Root™ Press Release
Water Retention
Green Roofs on the Move


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Green Roof Technology Announces to become the Premier Supplier of Solar Green Roofs in America!

By: Jörg Breuning & Samantha Yurek

 Budget Cut for Green Roofs

Over the past few years the subsidies for green roofs have increased consistently.  Cutting the cash incentives for green roofs by cutting budgets is a chance to prove capability and creativity.  Thus the industry can move forward by increasing the long term sustainability of green roofs.

 Storm Water Retention and Green Roofs

Any impervious area of urban development prevents precipitation from infiltrating into the ground.  Instead of soaking up the water, it redirects it to another area, picking up pollutants on the way.  We can control the spreading of pollution with implementing green roofs in urban settings.

 Green Roofs on the Move

Twenty years from now green roofs should be a fundamental part of all new buildings, as important as a basic feature like windows, doors, heating and cooling, water supply, etc.  In the end it's all about reducing the footprint of a building.  It is simply our responsibility to diminish the impact we have on the earth