April 4,2012


April 4, 2012

Tellus 360's Green Roof Approaches 1!

Fire Safety and Green Roofs

'Sun-Roots' Call NYC Parks and Rec Home

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Growing Towards Greatness


By Kat Harrold GRP, Jörg Breuning, Andrew Cole Yanders

Tellus 360's Green Roof Approaches 1!
A year has passed since the Tellus 360’s green roof was installed and we caught up with Tellus 360’s owner, Joe Devoy.  We asked Joe to write a few words reflecting on his new urban oasis.  “One day we were standing on our big flat roof, the sun shining down, the wind gently blowing, having a chat..."
Fire Safety and Green Roofs
As it turns out green roofs keep their cool under not just extreme weather conditions but when it comes to fire safety too.  Read on to find out why your insurance company should be giving you a discount for your green roof.

'Sun-Roots' Call NYC Parks and Rec Home
It's official!  The 'Sun-Roots' have landed in America!   The first installation of 'Sun-Roots' took place on the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation at Randall's Island.  The 'Sun-Roots' are part of their on going green roof research program that tests over 25 different green roof systems.