May 9, 2012

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Europe has Banned Potent Pesticides

The Solar Boom

Irrigation on Extensive Green Roofs

Lancaster Green Roofs Receive
a Little More Green


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 Europe has Banned Potent Pesticides

By: Jörg Breuning & Samantha Yurek

The Solar Boom

The solar industry has been growing steadily in the past decade, but it wasn't until recently that this was proven. The United States solar industry now employs more solar workers than coal miners. 

Irrigation on Extensive Green Roofs

Are irrigation systems a good idea to include on extensive green roofs? Green roof designers and professionals are must understand that less if often more when it comes to extensive green roofs. There is no need to make a green roof more complicated than necessary.

Lancaster Green Roofs Receive a Little More Green

The Dewatering Building and the E. King Street Fire Station both had their roofs remodeled withing the past the weeks. Although the weather was gloomy, our hopes are high for the new sedum cuttings which were spread two weeks ago.