March 28, 2012

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Modular Office Farming
New Green Roof at Fire Station #3
Green Roof Industry - Learning
by not doing?


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By: Jörg Breuning & Samantha Yurek

Modular Office Farming - Hybrid Office & Modern Green Roof Technology

Urban rooftop gardens have been a hot topic lately, but maybe we should put some thought into plant systems inside the office. With the aid of some natural sunlight and TLC, many plants can thrive inside too. Live plants help to create a healthy atmosphere by boosting morale and filtering the air.

New Green Roof at Fire Station #3

Fire Station #3 is home to the newest green roof in the city of Lancaster, PA. The 2,640 sf extensive green roof was completed in only 2 days! This was the second green roof to be installed under Lancaster's Green Infrastructure Initiative.

Green Roof Industry - Learning by not doing? 

Sedum Cuttings are a smart tool for any blossoming green roof. Roots sprout best from these cuttings when the plant's energy is not distracted by excess foliage, making the late winter to be the best time to spread them. The biggest issue right now is the lack of available cuttings until the later spring months.