November 27, 2013

This Issue Features:

Green Roof Collapse in Latvia

Sustainable Green Trends Workshop

Cool Roofs Increase Air Pollution

Akron University Green Roof Sees Season's First Snow


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By: Jörg Breuning & Samantha Yurek

Green Roof Collapse in Latvia

A devastating collapse of a green roof construction site left many Latvians dead or injured. Buckling last Thursday, the rooftop was supposed to be lavish with plants and additional recreation area. 

Sustainable Green Trends Workshop

Taking place on December 3rd, Jörg Breuning and Bill Foley will give a presentation with the topic: Planning, Implementing and Maintaining a Green Roof System for Sustainable Projects. 


Various studies have attempted to prove that any cool roof may be just as effective as a green roof. Recently it has come into the picture that cool roofs may actually be creating more pollution than once known.

  Akron University Green Roof Sees Season's First Snow

Planted back in October of 2012, the green roof atop the Sydney L. Olson Research Center has flourished. After it's first full growing season, the plants are well established and ready for a winter nap.