December 23, 2013

This Issue Features:

Green Roofs in Singapore

Energy Cost Savings Through
Green Roofs - A Myth

Yamato Cockroach Found
in NYC High Line


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Happy Holidays from Green Roof Technology


By: Jörg Breuning & Samantha Yurek


Green Roofs in Singapore

One Island-City is rising above the rest, with a greening blueprint for the whole city and 47% calculated green space.    

Energy Cost Savings Through Green Roofs - A Myth

With the chillier months upon us, revisiting this blog didn't seem like a bad idea. It is a common misconception that a green roof acts as an insulator. Learn more about the reasoning behind this.  


Periplaneta japonica, otherwise known as the Japanese cockroach or Yomata cockroach, was recently found in the United States for the first time. It is thought to have been carried over on plants grown in Asia.