August 22, 2013

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Protection for Honey Bees

Therapeutic Properties of Green Roofs

Visiting the 1st Solar Garden Roof

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The Sun-Root™ System:
A Perfect Balance Between Solar and Green Roof

By: Jörg Breuning & Samantha Yurek

Protection for Honey Bees

With the disappearance of a third of US honey bees this past year, the concern for they safety is finally being recopgnized. Read here how the EPA has taken a step up to help these fuzzy little creatures. 

Therapeutic Properties of Green Roofs

Flowering Plants are a common sight in any hospital wing, mainly attached to get well soon tags. The new trend seems to be green that will last more than a week or two. Many hospitals  and health wellness centers are incorporating green space, much of it making an appearance on rooftops.


A vast experimental roof top garden is located on the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation Building on Randall's Island. During the early spring of 2012, we had the pleasure of installing four of our Sun-Root™ Modules on the roof, making the department's building home to the first Solar Garden Roof System in the United States.