September 19, 2013

This Issue Features:

Reflective Surfaces on Buildings are an
Environmental Nightmare

Sustainable Green Trends Workshop

Solar Gardens Made Easy

Instant New Green Roofs

Green Roof Plant of the Month: 

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Reflective Surfaces: Environmental Nightmare!

By: Jörg Breuning & Samantha Yurek

Sustainable Green Trends Workshop

Wednesday September 18th Jörg Breuning will be speaking at the Sustainable Green Trends Workshop in New York City. 

Solar Gardens Made Easy

The Solar Garden Roof System is rapidly growing in popularity. Here at Green Roof Technology we are actively helping commercial, municipal and non-for-profit clients generate renewable energy and control stormwater for a cleaner tomorrow.


Our favorite environmental expert and green roof research specialist Joe is up to his old tricks.  Joe hit the PR circuit again this week releasing a full range of new roof greening products. Not satisfied with only offering a green roof in a can, Joe is now offering a full line of instant green roofs.