July 11, 2013

This Issue Features:

Nation's Largest Solar Garden Roof

New Sun-Root™ System Installed

Combining Urban Rooftop Farming
with Public Transportation

Fireworks and Green Roofs

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 Nation's Largest Solar Garden Roof

By: Jörg Breuning &
Samantha Yurek


New Sun-Root™ System Installed

Green Roof Technology worked with prospect solar on June 19th to successfully install a solar garden. Located in Northern Virginia, this demonstration project shows the benefits of a Solar Garden combination perfectly. 

Combining Urban Rooftop Farming with Public Transportation

Is it possible? Can our public transportation systems eventually become our local farmer's market too? Join us for a ride along the Lemon Line! 

  Fireworks and Green Roofs

Prevent fireworks from getting the best of your building with any green roof; a much safer option that will always be less likely to catch on fire.