April 11, 2012

This Issue Features:

Living Green In Airports
Green Roofs - A Learning Experience
New Optigreen Edging System
Stormwater Fee Looming Overhead


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 Protecting the Chesapeake Bay:
Stormwater Fee Looming Overhead

Photo Credit: United States Geological Survey

By: Jörg Breuning &
Samantha Yurek


Education & Green Roofs - A Learning Experience

Implementing green roofs within urban schools would be a great learning tool as well as a benefit to the environment. Intensive green roofs can bring a whole new level of opportunities right into the classroom. Hands on experiences, the potential for learning about and growing fresh food, and an on-site outdoor classroom are a few worth mentioning. 

Living Green in Airports

Icheon International Airport in Seoul has the right idea regarding customer satisfaction. Besides the skating rink, cultural center and childcare areas, it has an impressive seven gardens throughout the building. Who would complain about having a layover in Seoul? I sure wouldn't!

New Optigreen Edging System

Optigrün International AG recently released a completely redesigned green roof edging system. Created from recycled ABS, the new edging system uses hinge and click connections. The 3-point connection system is quick and makes laying perfectly straight edges a breeze!